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D&C Engineers are the sole UK distributor for the exceptional Erie Strayer 8m3 tilting drum mixer

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A Legacy of Excellence

Delving into the annals of history, we find the origins of the ERIE Strayer Company reaching back to the year 1912 when G.H. Strayer laid the foundation for greatness by establishing the Erie Steel Construction Company in Erie, Pennsylvania. With a modest nine-man crew working from a single-story brick building, they began their journey, setting the gold standard in steel fabrication and erection. Over the decades, ERIE Strayer has seamlessly transitioned into a fourth-generation family business, with Kyle Strayer at the helm as President and CEO.

A Global Leader in Batching Plants and Tilt Mixers

Today, ERIE Strayer proudly stands as a global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of batching plants, complete with their distinctive tilt mixers. We take immense pride in our partnership with ERIE Strayer, offering their innovative tilt drum mixers to the UK market. In fact, we currently have 27 of these remarkable mixers in operation across the UK.

When combined with a D&C plant, these mixers showcase their true prowess, capable of producing an astounding 160m3 of concrete per hour with precision and efficiency.

Craftsmanship at its Best

What makes the Erie Strayer tilting drum mixer truly outstanding? It begins with the meticulous choice of materials, featuring an 18mm thick steel centre band and 10mm cones at each end. To ensure unparalleled durability, we line the drum with 20mm thick polyurethane liners, providing an impressive wear life of approximately 1 million metres of concrete throughput.

Our dedication to superior mixing performance is evident in the strategic placement of buckets and blades within the drum, ensuring impeccable results even at high speeds. We offer you the choice of two top-quality materials for these vital components: Duroxite, boasting a mixing life of around 800,000m3, and AR400, with a mixing life of approximately 350,000m3.

Ingenious Design

The drum’s ingenious design is marked by its placement within a unique tilting frame, expertly supported by two main rollers and maintaining perfect vertical alignment through six edge rollers. Powering this marvel are two planetary reducers and two 75kw motors, guaranteeing smooth operation and unwavering reliability.

Effortless Tilt Action

When it’s time to initiate the tilting action, the magic unfolds thanks to two cylinders, propelled by a state-of-the-art hydraulic system. This hydraulic system features a variable volume pump, a proportional direction valve equipped with pressure-sensing relief, and crucial anti-drop protection for the cylinders.

Innovation and Quality Unleashed

At D&C Engineers, innovation and quality are at the heart of our mission. We’re thrilled to bring you the very best in tilting drum mixers through our esteemed partnership with ERIE Strayer. 

Contact us today and together, let’s build a future that’s stronger, more efficient, and filled with excellence.